Frequently Asked Questions


Can you redesign my old site?

Yes! There’s nothing quite as fun as transforming a site into a modern, responsive, and beautiful website that converts visitors into customers. Please let me know and I would love to discuss this with you.


Will I be able to preview my project first?

Absolutely! I send you a preview and keep you in the loop. I love hearing your feedback and will make sure everything is perfect before launching your project.


How are projects billed?

Most projects are billed by the job, with 50% received upfront and 50% when live or complete. Some projects are billed hourly or on a monthly or annual recurring basis. I send out an invoice to your email or address, then you can choose to pay with PayPal, credit card, or check.


What are the ongoing cost of a website?

You will need to pay for a hosting subscription, which is usually runs between $18-89/mo depending if you pay monthly or annually and the support options you choose. You’ll also need to have a custom domain name (ie. This is typically around $12-20/year and your domain can be hosted at any number of domain hosting companies (ie. Godaddy, Google Domains, namecheap etc). That’s it for the website directly! Monthly Maintenance & Site Optimization plans are also available.

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