Why Meow Moon? Who doesn’t love cat’s and the moon?

Why I love cats?

Cats are healing

Cats are healing and powerful. Mine have all been friendly and love the unconditional, although my husband’s cat was not friendly to begin with. They’re the ultimate purr machines. They purr and purr and purr and purr and I swear their purr vibration activates healing in me.Cats teach us 

The cats presence teaches us unconditionality. They don’t care what we’re wearing (as long as it has some of their fur on us). For many individuals, cats are known as family members. They spend the majority of their time with us, but sometimes they just seem to walk on by without any recognition. Cats are known to be a source of comfort, entertainment as well as companionship.My journey

I share stories to inspire others and to teach others how to embrace their souls and understand themselves and what they are experiencing a little better. I’m on a spiritual journey of self discovery, and sometimes my experiences seem inexplicable, just like my cats. 

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