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Shannon has done an exceptional job as a GeekPack® intern. She is very active in the group, researching and providing support for a variety of issues. Shannon is also happy to share her experiences with others to help troubleshoot problems other students may have. She celebrates the success of other students and has a positive attitude. I’ve really enjoyed watching Shannon shine in the internship program and in the Facebook group and I look forward to watching her grow as a developer and a mentor for other developers and students.

Julia Taylor

CEO & Founder, GeekPack®

I was recommended to contact Shannon after a terrible experience with my previous Web Developer. Wow! What a difference it makes for a small business, to connect with people that know what they are doing. Keep up the fantastic work!

Margie Brown

Shop owner & Author

I have been in business for 36 years and have had websites built by others that were just fine.  Then, I began working with Shannon Hamilton and a whole new experience developed.  Shannon’s wisdom is beyond measure.  She is very responsive, quick, and intuitive.  She knows what I’m requesting even more than I do.  She is very much like a magician at work and I not only appreciate how she created my website, but I cannot do without her continual work as my webmaster.

Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

CEO & Author, KatherineBell.org

Shannon provided me with critical help when I needed it most. blueeyeart.com is now more stable and secure and much cleaner and easier to manage. From the start she approached my site with an empathetic mindset, understanding that she would appoach this work as I approach my work, as a sacred and spiritual process. This allowed me to feel comfortable and assured, creating a much more powerful result.

Nate Long "Owl"


I highly recommend Shannon Hamilton’s web design services. She gave careful personal attention to all the details of my project all the way to completion. But the most impressive thing was the beginning of the process and the questionnaire she utilized to help her (and me) understand exactly what I needed. I knew it wasn’t going to be a typical business transaction when she asked me to meditate before completing the questionnaire, and even though I was less than clear about what I wanted her to do, she intuited it and provided exactly what I needed. Shannon is a master at her craft, and I recommend her services without reservation.

Mike Gadell


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