The moon lures me with it’s moonbeams

The moon lures me with it’s moonbeams, the sun with its sunlight, they form a kind of symbiote. “Travelling Moonlight”; Dreamt, a dreamlike state. (The music of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov)

Kazimir Malevich

1909 -1918(the last five years of his life.)

The Abstract of A New A to the A-Form

The A-Form is the simplest and most stable art-form in history. The A-Form is the lowest, most primitive form of art, that is, an elementary form which serves as an outline or symbol of a whole. This elementary form has no depth, it is without definition. And yet it possesses a sense of proportion which gives the complete appearance of something real and distinct.

Malevich, Kazimir

(Pseudo – Russian. from Kazimierz Maleckich – Măîlicec) ~ 1918 ~ 1927

I cannot help but to think that one of the most fascinating personalities in the early 20th century, and perhaps in this century, was Kazimir Malevich.

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